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An evening of great music on June 19th at the Circus Theater in Pescara

18/06/2014 02:05

Press Office


An evening of great music on June 19th at the Circus Theater in Pescara

An evening of great auteur music for the Mario Nascimbene Award.

An evening of great author music for the Mario Nascimbene Award, which will be held on June 19th at 9pm at the Circus Theater in Pescara. The International Film Music Competition, flagship of the Abruzzo Region since 2002, will host the five finalist candidates and an exceptional Jury.

Also on the boards of the Circus Theater is Magistrate Gennaro Varone, known not only for his numerous battles in the name of justice, but also as PM Rock, thanks to his appreciated musical skills. Varone will perform unreleased songs accompanied on the keyboard by his daughter Michela.

The winner of the Mario Nascimbene Award will be decreed by an exceptional Jury chaired by Francisco Josè Fernandez, director and composed of Alessandro Tartaglia Polcini, film producer, Marco Werba, soundtrack composer, Gianluca Vacca, Member of Parliament, Member of the Culture, Science and Education Commission , Mimma Montopoli, professor of piano at the “Luisa D'Annunzio” Conservatory in Pescara, who will reward the best composition by awarding a scholarship for training.

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